Wedding del Kam

I’ve been wanting to write something up about our wedding for a while now…  The thing is, trying to compile the immense amount of work and emotion we invested into one post is, well, daunting.  Thus, my procrastination.  🙂  In the interest of brevity, I’ll focus on the photos and generally how the actual day went.  I’ll plan to go into detail on certain aspects in later posts (our venue, recipes I used, links to some of the crafts we did, inspiration, etc…).

The day.  Well, let me preface the day with what the days leading up to the day were like.  I took the week before the wedding off and while it helped, I was still a mess.  I had been working on this thing for 10 months – and when I say working on, I mean working on it every day for 10. months.  In my mind, this should have meant that the week before the day should be a freakin’ breeze.  I had earned that, right?  Not so much.  Here’s the thing…  I had significantly less to do in that week than a lot of DIY brides.  I had worked my tail off and it did show!  What I did not count on was my state of mind.  I was a wreck because I didn’t have enough to do.  I was a wreck because I had too much to do.  I didn’t know which end was up anymore and I became increasingly anxious by the day.  Things that the week before would have been greeted with a sigh and the necessary push to get the item checked off my list – were greeted with a deer in the headlights gaze and a 10 minute pause while my brain tried to process the words being spoken to me.   By the day before, this was my response to such complex tasks as making coffee or the loaded question, “What do you want for lunch?”.  I then proceeded to have a nervous breakdown about blocking out a shawl I had knit for myself (overachiever, anyone?) which led to a period of voluntary solitary confinement in the backyard.  This was immediately after I declared to my sister and two best friends that I “was not going” and informing them that they could “not make me”.  Happy times.

So, here’s the best part.  The day of?  The day of the day?  I woke up a little nervous, a little edgy.  My stomach hurt.  Packed up my gear, didn’t say much.  Arrived at the venue and…  sweet relief!  I don’t know how or why, but I went into this heads down mode of getting everything set up, decorations hung, tables set…  and I was happy.  I was calm.  I was getting excited.  By the time I sat down for makeup and hair, I was actually thrilled with the way things were coming together.  It looked like what I had in my head!  We had done it!  We had actually pulled this off!  I’m so grateful that my brain allowed me to actually enjoy that feeling.  Because, you know what?  It felt GOOD.  And that feeling led into what was a really incredible day and the official* beginning of our family.

Enough talk.  Here are some pretty pictures – courtesy of the amazing Nathan Russell Photography.  This slideshow is comprised of my favorites and has some pretty music if you’re inclined to turn up the volume.  🙂

The entire shebang can be found over  here (available until June 2012) – you can view by logging in with your name and email address.  It’s a long one!  About 600 images!  But worth the time to peruse.  We are so glad that on a tight budget, we chose the photos to be our splurge.   At the end of the day, it was totally worth cutting corners elsewhere to make room for an incredible photographer.  All my hard work on decor, favors, attire, colors, flowers?  Gone.   The photos?  We get to keep those.  🙂  Smartest move we made.

*I say “official” because after almost 5 years together – we were family already.  Fancy piece of paper or not.  Just sayin’.


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