Well, we did it.  We moved to Austin, TX.  And here I am three months later, finally bothering to blog about it.

So, let’s catch up.  Since arriving in town, we celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s, welcomed a sister and brother-in-law to Austin, booked our wedding venue, introduced ourselves to various wonders including the Alamo Drafthouse and dollar Pearls, cheered on another sister as she ran a half marathon, sent out our Save the Date cards, bought a pair of cowboy boots, got ice cream from Pee Wee Herman and HAVE CONSUMED MORE DELICIOUS ITEMS THAN EVER BEFORE IN OUR PREVIOUSLY INSIGNIFICANT EATING CAREERS.

Need some eye candy?

Done and done:

Now that we’ve gotten the basics covered, I feel I can actually show my face here again on a regular basis.  🙂



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