Wedding del Kam (or So It Begins)

The games are afoot!

SteveKam and I have been slowly piecing together the basic theme of our wedding and, while our work is cut out for us, we are on our way.

When my darling betrothed first asked me, “So, what’s our theme?  Do we have one?”.  I paused and thoughtfully responded, “All You Need is Love by The Beatles explodes into a wedding.”

What?  Too abstract?  Hey, man – this is the way all my ideas begin… crazy sounding and vague.  As it starts to fill out, it will all make sense.  Promise.  In the meantime, we have sat down and discussed what we do know that we want so far….

  • We know we want bright colors, handmade decor (lots of paper and fabric) and a lot of little surprises for our guests.
  • We want hand picked playlists and a dance routine or two. (Okay, that last one is totally what I want.  SteveKam just doesn’t have much of a say about it.)

  • We want to incorporate photography and art (with an interactive aspect!) and have a family feel to the seating (think 2 or 3 long tables rather than a whole bunch of round ones…).
  • Overall, we want the day to sing Austin and scream Sarah & SteveKam.  (Luckily for us, Austin’s city motto is “Keep Austin Weird”.  Totally fitting.)

As previously stated, it’s a work in progress.  But, the foundation is now in place.  On to the details!

To that end, my amazingly wonderful Someday Husband has purchased me a ginormous cork board for the craft room to serve as my inspiration board.  It shall be stuck upon often and with great might!

What’s up there so far?  I’m printing out a few pics of some dress options…  I’m sure that topic’s worthy of it’s own post, but here’s a teaser of a few dresses I heart so far – these are definitely  making it to the inspiration board.  🙂

More to come!



      1. Thank you so much! I admit I saw your wedding slide show and thought your dress was absolutely gorgeous, so simple and sweet. Even the one above is a bit too froufrou for me (and that model looks like completely stoned in most of those pics, ha) but the silhouette is gorgeous, and I love the cap sleeves. My mom always complains that every bride in the paper is wearing a strapless dress, and it does seem to be true, most of the time.

        1. Oh my god. Wedding models. Why do they all look so UNhappy? It is something I just cannot understand. 🙂 Also – some look like they are child brides. For real. And your Mom may be in luck… ever since the royal wedding, sleeves are everywhere! Short, long, shrugs, etc. And some are really lovely! If I didn’t get married on a 95 degree day in Austin, I may have considered one if they were around when I was shopping!

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