I’m back – with a mission.

I’ve been meaning to whip this blog back into shape for some time now.  I’ve been moving posts over from the old site, occasionally posting pics from Flickr, and getting the new digs organized.  I have, however, had some pretty major distractions the past few months which usurped my free time.  Happy distractions!  But, free time usurpers nonetheless.

But, I am BACK.  I am back and on a mission to gussy up my little house on the internet prairie.  Why now?   Well, because now I have a PROJECT and when I have a project this big and delicious and panic attack inducing on my hands, I want to have the ability to cheer, whine, celebrate, complain, jump for joy and bitch at any given moment, damnit.  Even if there is no one near me to hear it.

So, I’m planning a wedding.  MY wedding.  Because I am getting MARRIED.  (This still sounds crazypants to me, although after one month of being engaged it’s finally starting to sink in.)

Now, planning a wedding of any type, size, budget is a challenge.  (Unless you are a crazy rich person and can hire a wedding planner to do it for you – but then, it’s still a challenge for that wedding planner, so I guess I stand by my statement.)  SteveKam and I have decided to give ourselves the added challenge of a tight little budget and a distant locale that we plan to move to, but have not moved to yet.

The budget? Half the average wedding budget (or less – dear Jebus, let’s shoot for less)

The location? Austin, TX (yee ha!)

Can we do it? You bet your sweet bippy!  (Or at least that is how I feel right this second.  Ask me in 2 hours and I might not be so optimistic.  And then ask me 2 hours after that and I’ll say “You bet your sweet bippy!”  I’m all sorts of confused over here.)

So, join me, won’t you?  On a wacky adventure full of unexpected twists and turns, debates over the definition of the word “small”, seas of paper flowers and crash courses in DIY photo booths and iPod DJs.

It’s gonna be fun, right?  Right?
edited to add:

The date? October 2011.  (der.  forgot the whole “when’s your wedding gonna be?” part of this dealy.  yeah. this should be interesting.)



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