006/365 : 01/52 : Self Portait

006/365 : 01/52 : Self Portait, originally uploaded by scissorina.

So, along with Project 365, I joined the 52 Weeks for Knitterly and Crafty Types group here on Flickr. (Started by the ever knitterly and crafty Steph) So, one of my photos each week shall be… drumroll please… a self portrait.

Well, SPs are really tough for me. I’m totally one of those people that picked up a camera at a young age so she wouldn’t have to be in front of one. 🙂 I much prefer being the person taking the photos…

Anyhoo… I came home with this grand plan for a self portait – it involved my dress form (Gertie) and a string of pearls. But when I reviewed what I had snapped, it was this shot I accidentally took – while testing my new remote – that I fancied. Maybe because my face is out of focus. Maybe because I’m looking at the flipped out viewfinder – and not the lens. Gotta work on that whole looking at the camera thing this year… 🙂


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