003/365 : WIN!

003/365 : WIN!, originally uploaded by scissorina.

After eight years on the waitlist, my number came up and SteveKam and I got season tickets for what turned out to be the last season at the Meadowlands. It’s been an amazing experience and totally worth the wait. This Sunday brought our last game of the season. *sniff sniff*

But, our 37-0 win over the Bengals means a trip to the playoffs! (To play…. the Bengals. Weird, right?)

Had a hard time choosing my 365 pic – this was SteveKam’s favorite shot of the night. He said it captured the way he felt being in the stadium (despite how blurry it is). 🙂 Green, white and silver confetti raining down on the field. The bright lights and a clear (COLD) winter night sky. People were hugging, screaming, dancing. The atmosphere was absolutely electric.

An amazing way to say goodbye to our stadium. 🙂

Jets vs Bengals
1/3/10 (Night game – 8:20pm kickoff, NBC)
Meadowlands (Giants) Stadium
East Rutherford, Jerz


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