The Best Laid Plans

To say that I have been absent on my blog in 2009 would perhaps be the understatement of this crap-diddly-icious year.

There were a few times I really tried to get back into the blogging groove – which is to say I really tried to get back into the writing groove.  Blogging, to me, has always been more about the writing than the reporting of my day-to-day minutiae.

This year, I hit a wall.  I ran head first at high speed into big fat writer’s block.  I found myself writing little posts and then deleting them before posting.  I did that over and over again, in fact.

It can be blamed on a lot of factors, I suppose.  Let’s list them in bullets!

  1. I’m often brain dead tired when I get home from my job as a computer operating worker bee.  There     are times I am hard pressed to pull together a few words for SteveKam, let alone sitting down in front of ANOTHER computer to compose something resembling a coherent thought.
  2. This year has really sucked it out of me. (and you can replace “it” with your words of choice… energy, joie de vive, will to live… whatever.) (okay, maybe not will to live.  taking it a little far.  take that off your list of options.)   I won’t delve into it at the moment, but this year started to take a very introspective turn by half stride.  Working through some kinda important life stuff and I just haven’t really been moved to write about any of it lately.
  3. Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter combined with an iPhone.  Instant GD satisfaction, people.  I input wee snippets of joy, snark, hahas…. a photo I’ve snapped… a video of a Christmas ornament… and I get immediate interaction and feedback.  It’s something I used to look forward to with my blog (ages ago when I started my first) and now it is just really easy to be really lazy.
  4. My camera has been satisfying me on a daily basis and requires no words whatsoever.  (Yeah.  That’s right.  I’m having a torrid, dirty little affair with my camera.  And I don’t care who knows it.)

So, what to do?  I’m not ready to throw in the towel quite yet… but I need a new strategy for this space or it will remain as quiet as it has been in Two-Thousand-Nein.

Here’s the plan.  In keeping with the photography spark, I’ve decided to do a 365 project.  I joined a year in pictures group on Flickr (this one in case you are curious) and will start up on 1/1/10.  I plan on posting a weekly status here, with my week’s photos and whatever 365 related blather that comes to mind at the time.  It will help give me a weekly goal for what is sure to be a challenging project and it will force me back into a blog routine.

And there it is.  We’ll give it one more go, yes?  If this doesn’t work, I may just hang up a “Do Not Disturb” sign for a while until I sort my shiz out.  But, I’m hoping it won’t come to that.  🙂

I’ll leave you with a few holiday pretties….


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