Soooo much to catch up on!

Before I get to the latest adventures that SteveKam and I have endeavored on, I’ll give a quick recap of early October ‘round these parts…

The weekend after my birthday, I convinced my fella to head up to Washington, CT with me for some apple picking at my very favorite orchard.  If you are ever up that way, hit up Averill Farms.  Hands down, the most organized and lovely orchard I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting.  🙂

Full set of pics can be seen over here.

And what else?  Rhinebeck, of course!

I met up with the fabulous Kaitlyn for a day of shop-shop-shopping at the year’s best yarn fest.  How did I make out?  Not too bad.  (I restrained myself admirably, if I do say so myself.)

An update on our vacation to Las Vegas is coming!  I just couldn’t post that in good conscience knowing I was so far behind….  I have eleventy billion photos to share and am already dreaming about taking another trip.  It was far too long between vacations this time!