A Chronicle

I have a lot of blogging catch up to do!

But… not today.  🙂

I will be catching up on some lovely outings such as apple picking and Rhinebeck sometime over the weekend…  For now, check out a project I started on Flickr today!

HERE I GO AGAIN ON MY OWN... Just me and a house fulla cats. Wild times.

Yesterday, I received in the mail my BRAND NEW DIGITAL SLR!  She’s an Olympus E-620 and I am just bats for her.  This morning, SteveKam boarded a plane to Las Vegas for a weeklong conference he’ll be working at.  Leaving me at home to play with my new toy.  We’ll meet again in a week when I meet him out in Sin City for a long weekend!  (I’ve never been!  Soooo excited!)

So, I made a Flickr set to document my solo week.  I posted some pics from today’s adventures and will add more every day….  Check ‘em out over here.

Later, gators.


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