Summer Blouse

My finished Summer Blouse!

Pattern:  Summer Blouse

Source: Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross

Fabric:  Liberty cotton lawn, 2 yards

Size:  Large (I wanted it nice and roomy to throw over sundresses and such!)

So… this pattern has a sordid reputation on the innernets.  I was lucky enough to read through the blogs of many skilled seamstresses before digging into this project.  After heeding their advice, I made some modifications:

★ Neckline: I read a lot about this particular area.  🙂  I pieced the front and back together according to the pattern and surprise, surprise I encountered the same issue as everyone else.  Waaaaay too high!  I wanted my shirt to look more like the shirt in the book – modeled by Jess btw! – so snip snip snip.  I took off 1” off the neckline and the result was the lovely boatneck I was hoping for.

★ Length:  Another big problem.  So, I had 2 yards of fabric.  According to the book this should have been more than enough.  Nope!  Turned out that I needed the full piece and that amount only allowed me to add 1.5” to the body.  I pinned the hem as directed – but it was just too darn short!  I ended up ironing it all out, making more bias tape and hemming the bottom edge in the same way the neckline was finished.  This gave the hem the weight it needed – it looks a teensy bit wonkier than what I wanted – but I think it’s much better than it being too short.  🙂

Overall, I’m very happy!  This sucker is comfy as all get out.  I foresee more splurging on Liberty fabric – this stuff is heavenly.  Now, on to another project from Weekend Sewing…  I will be checking the errata before starting out…

All photos can be seen larger on my Flickr photostream.


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