In Progress

A few progress shots of the Summer Blouse (Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross) I’m working on….

Here we see the placket pinned and center seams sewn – about to *gasp* cut down the middle!

And here’s the result – a neat little placket!  *satisfied sigh*

All in all, things have gone smoothly so far.  After reading about a number of other bloggers’ experiences (for example over here, here and here), I started out by lengthening the body as much as my amount of fabric would allow.  I had enough of this lovely Liberty cotton lawn to lengthen by about 1.5 inches.  I’m hoping that will be enough.  🙂  I also made an alteration to the neck, as many folks have had trouble there.  After stitching the shoulder seams, I tried the shirt on (prior to creating the placket).  I, too, found the neckline WAY high!  Not the bateaux-like neck as advertised in the book.  🙂  So, snip snip!  I took off about an inch all the way around.

After the placket, I attached the bias tape I made and am now about to make the button loop and finish binding the neckline…

More to come!


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