Until We Meet Again

She’s out!  Little sister #1 began her journey yesterday.  Mary Helen loaded up her car with 2 cats, 1 dog and a whole lotta stuff.  With our Mom as her traveling companion, she started her trip to Beijing with a stop in Florida to drop off the “kids” at our parents’ house.

In about a week, she flies to Beijing and will be there for at least 6 months!

I’ve been suspiciously calm about this whole thing – or so I’ve been told.  It’s not that I am not blue to spend 6 months without one of my best friends – because I am!  I think a few things have played a role in my ability to compartmentalize here…

  1. Mary Helen has never gone on an adventure of this scale.  I believe in my heart that she needs this.  I believe that everyone needs (their version of) this.  I’m honestly excited that this opportunity presented itself to her and her *new* husband.  Hard to be sad when you are happy for someone.
  2. I’ve been so damn busy that I haven’t had time to think about it long enough to get upset.  This is a blessing for someone who has a tendency to overthink things.  I know there are things that could go wrong, but I simply haven’t allowed myself to dwell.
  3. I know she’s coming back in 6 months.  🙂
  4. Scott. Scott is a supremely awesome human being.  I adore him and trust him implicitly.  I know he will watch out for MH and would do everything in his power to keep her out of harm’s way.  That knowledge puts my mind at ease – more than I even thought it would!

So, off they go.  I can’t wait to hear about their travels!  If you’d like to follow along, keep tabs on Mary Helen by following her travel blog over here.


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