sun + saturday = good

So, yesterday was incredibly beautiful out.  SteveKam, Kyra and I spent just about the whole day outside.  I needed that.  (Turns out it was the ultimate hangover cure.  I woke up feeling like death warmed over.  Fresh air, warm sunshine and a happy dog reminded me that my heart was indeed still beating.)

First stop was Huntington State Park for a walk around the loop.  This was awesome for a few reasons…  The park was full of smiling, friendly people yesterday.  Nice, warm vibey people – and their adorable dogs.  So, there was that.

Also, everything looked and felt greeeeeen.  Like, all the little forest plants were finally getting their necessary sunshine along with a normal amount of rain.  Turns out NOT being drowned on a daily basis actually helps living things grow.  Go fig.

And best of all, the Kyra Dog had a little extra bounce in her step.  Over the last week, she and I have started jogging in the morning (our jogs are modest, people – seriously modest), and it seems to have had a pretty immediate effect on her!  (Umm – why can’t that happen for me?)  Last time we brought her to Huntington, poor Kyra was having a tough time finishing the loop… She was limping along verrry slowly.  It seriously bummed us out.  😦  She is 12 years old, but it’s never easy to see your little buddy  slow down like that.  We have had her on a pretty strict diet for almost a year now, but she has failed to lose more than 4 lbs.  So, I decided to kick things up a notch – jogging and glucosamine chondroitin supplements are good for both of us.

Well – by the end of the loop at Huntington?  She wanted to go again!  And she has been all over me today to go outside – seems the little gal can’t sit still.  Which is pretty freakin awesome.

So, we got back home – Kyra passed out in her bed and SteveKam was getting ready to log in for some online gaming when Steve ran out to the car for something and reported that there was brown bunny rabbit in front of our complex.

I think you know where I went next.  Professor Bunnynutter (this is SteveKam’s bastardization of my actual name for the bunny – it has stuck) and I sat in the front yard, munching on grass and happily coexisting for about 20 minutes, until a car starting in the next driveway spooked the lil fella.

It was a pretty sweet Saturday, all round.

I have a feeling we will have more updates on Prof. Bunnynutter – he seems to come out to visit around dinnertime.  We saw him across the street in a neighbor’s yard earlier this evening.  I’m in love.


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