TTV: The Beginning

I recently decided that it’s time for me to get back into photography.  It feels like a million years since I’ve taken a class.  So long ago, in fact, that I was still shooting on an OM-10.  🙂

So, since the new digital SLR isn’t in my budget at the moment, I’ve decided to focus my efforts on some new techniques to satisfy my need for something new.

Step One:  Through The Viewfinder (TTV)

I’ve been seeing some amazing TTV photos on Flickr recently and have been dying to give this a try.

I scouted out ebay for a while and finally landed a Kodak Duaflex for $12 – score!  (The shutter still works – I plan on converting some 120 film to fit the camera to see if this baby really still works… but more on that another day.)

Hooray!  It arrived in no time flat and I began work on my contraption.  I used the directions over here for a lightweight, portable channel.  I used some lightweight black cardstock, and black duct tape to make this:

Hooray again!  Since I worked from home today, I decided to use my lunch break for a little test shoot.  Here’s the result!

(More can be found on Flickr over here.)

I can’t wait to play with this sucker this weekend.  🙂  New toys = super.



  1. Love your first Ttv! I found your blog while searching wordpess under TtV’s. I am addicted in taking these too! Do you have more posted? Always looking for inspiration. : ) I also own a Kodak Duaflex.

    Have a great Memorial Day weekend,

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