Late to post this… but, better late than never – or so they say.

MH, Heather and I took a day’s reprieve from wedding planning to spend a day at one of the places that could cheer any of us from the deepest of melancholy.  The Bronx Zoo, bitches!

When we were little, it was our destination of choice.  We each had our favorite exhibits to visit (mine were the giraffes, the polar bears and the monorail, of course.) and would spend the day zigging and zagging across the park to make sure we saw every little thing.

The highlight of this visit was the recent baby boom – even cuter than the regular zoo?  Umm… the baby zoo!

(This trip made me realize how desperately I need a new digital slr with detachable lenses.  Sigh.  These were my faves from a day of shooting.)


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