A Shower for Mary Helen

e to much much much pre-wedding activity, the ol’ blog has been silent for a while.  Well, I am (sadly) left with some free time on my hands tonight, so I thought I’d put it to good use.  (MH’s bachelorette party is tonight in NYC – but I’ve been struck with a mystery migraine like malady that has put me out of commission for the time being.)

Heather and I held Mary Helen’s bridal shower a couple Saturdays ago at the Sesame Seed Restaurant in Danbury.  FAB food, adorable decor.  It was the perfect choice – especially since it’s one of our favorite places around here.  If you haven’t ever been there… go. now.  🙂

Seeing as craftiness is a big part of our family, Heather and I wanted to make as many of the decorations and what-not as possible.

We made up a welcome table to greet everyone with a centerpiece and wee message cards for guests to write something sweet to our guest of honor.

For the centerpiece, I started out with some lacquered branches I found at at local craft store in the floral department.  I made teensy fabric flowers using some fabric stiffener and light pink broadcloth.  Once the fabric was dry, I used craft punches (Martha Stewart Hydrangea in two sizes) and attached small, pale yellow pom poms in the center of each…and then hot glued ‘em to the branches.  I stuck some floral foam in the base of my vase, stuck the branches into the foam and covered the top of the vase with moss.

She then made an accordion book to mount all the cards in – using an invitation (these were custom made for us by Pink Lily Press – highly recommended!) for the cover.

Moving on to the tables, Heather scored some beautiful milkglass bud vases at a thrift shop in her neighborhood – we wrapped some ribbon around each and got some big yellow daisies and caspia at a local florist to fill ‘em up.

But, the pinnacle of our crafting collaboration came in the favors.  🙂  We bought some small metal tins and filled them with turquoise and red jelly beans – Heather made some lovely paper labels to cover the outside of each tin and I made coordinating paper rounds to line the interior.

Each tin was topped with a glittered bird (my favorite and most pain-staking craft!).  I bought little feathered birds at a local craft store (you can find them in the floral department) and painted glue on to the birds in sections, glittering each in two colors.  I then went back and painted all their eyes and beaks black to make sure their little faces “popped” out beyond the glitter.  (Detailed directions can be found in Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Crafts or over here.)

We placed the tin and bird in a clear plastic bag and tied the top with these amaaaaazing little tags Heather created.  Our guests were wowed by those grommets she hammered into the cards…  She’s the Queen of Paper, that girl.

We even incorporated the crafty theme into the game we chose for the party…  We split everyone up into 3 teams, gave each lady a roll of toilet paper and instructed them to make a wedding dress.  🙂  Mary was charged with the task of photography, so she got to flit around and watch all the creations come together.  At the end, she was the judge!

You shouldn’t be shocked to find out that the Scissor Squad contingent formed their own team and blew away their competition!  Their creation was truly impressive.

We finished up with gifts galore and the presentation of Mary’s ribbon and bow bouquet – to be used at the rehearsal, of course!

For more fab pics check out my Flickr gallery, MobileMe gallery and MH’s Flickr gallery.  🙂

It felt great to see MH smile and laugh so much!  Our biggest goal was to treat her to a fun afternoon where, for once during this whole thing, she didn’t have to lift a finger or plan a thing and could just hang with her favorite gals and feel good.  I think we can say mission accomplished.

We love ya, MH!  xoxo


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