Weekends Rule

So, we had a lovely weekend here at Casa del Kam.

Friday was SteveKam’s birthday!  NOT the big one yet.  Next year.  There will be a party.  He will hate it.  It will be awesome.

This year I let him off easy – dinner with some wonderful friends … and a lot of booze.  It was pretty dang sweet.  (Until the next morning.  One toooo many cosmos.  I blame P.)

Kyra Dog had this to say about the whole affair:

Saturday was filled with errand running and head aching followed by paint-by-numbering.  The painting?  It’s coming along quite nicely, thanks:

Sunday brought a trip up to Washington to visit with Kenny and Heather.  We hiked up Waramaug Pinnacle for a lovely (albeit cloudy) view of the frozen lake (umm – they still have snow up there!  yikes!) and came back to their place for some drinks, some snacks, some chat and a fab meal.

It was a fantastic way to wrap up the weekend.  It was hard to go to work Monday.  Real hard.  :-\


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