Tell Me Something Good

I’m trying to focus on all the little good things these days.  I find with the ability to drive, to knit and to type properly all (temporarily) revoked, I need to cheer myself up throughout the day – to avoid that bitter feeling.

So, here we are – a few pieces of evidence that things around Casa del Kam are not all bad.

My next attempt at pencil drawing!  This time, it’s an incredible, edible egg.

What do you think?  I have zero confidence in my drawing abilities, but I find myself strangely proud of this little guy!  I think he does, in fact, resemble an egg!  Next up?  A pair of glass bottles.  We shall see…

Another happy moment actually lasted a few hours.  I spent part of my Saturday afternoon listening to tunes (new Yeah Yeah Yeahs, new Madeleine Peyroux, old Hem, old Allison Krauss & Union Station) while scanning old photographs.  Here are a few of my favorites from yesterday’s session:

Onward!  SteveKam and I took a drive over to Carmel to visit with his brother, sis in law and niece for a couple of hours.  Little Jessica had heard about my injury and made me possibly the BEST card … just ever.

If this didn’t make me feel good, then it would have meant I was sans heartbeat and already too fargone anyway.

Oh, it doesn’t stop there.  Remember my hunt for a paint-by-number kit?  Now, I have yet to locate my dream “Dogs Playing Poker” – but, I did find out that a local hobby store does carry paint-by-number kits – and I picked one up!

SteveKam spotted this one amongst the many wolf, flower and cat themes they carry at Hobby Town USA.  🙂  I think it will be a great little project!  (Californi-aaaaaaaa!)

And to top it all off, I paid off one of my credit cards yesterday.

My finger may be busted.  But, I’m feelin’ good, people.


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