Boo for Boo Boo (a lesson in knife safety)

Rough week around here.

I had a wee accident in the kitchen Monday night.

I’ve been through the story about a gazillion times (and typing is less than enjoyable), so thought I’d share my brief summation I wrote up on Facebook:

Was chopping scallions and then…. bad bad bad. SteveKam (my hero) wisked me away (is it wisked or whisked in this case?) to the hospital (‘course I can think of more romantic places to be wisked/whisked away to…) Ends up I (Sarah takes deep breath) sliced into the tip of my finger… couldn’t stitch, couldn’t glue… as the nurse told me, “It’s just gone.” BUT, I did not hit the bone (came close – yiiikes) and was told it would eventually fill back in. Will just take a while. Have to be bandaged up for a few weeks – and extra super careful with my finger for the next week. So, noooo crafts for Sarah. Boo! (Yes, that is the most upsetting part of all this to me.)

The photographic evidence:

(I swear it’s not quite as bad as that sounds.  Although, it is no picnic.  Ha.)

So, I am sitting here – one handed – going bonkers.  I cannot knit.   I cannot sew.  I cannot drive, for crying out loud!  I decided to go to the good ol’ craft store in search of a project I could work on.. with just my right hand.  I went in search of an old school paint-by-numbers kit, but to no avail.

I ended up leaving with this sweet drawing kit, though!  I canNOT draw, so this should fill hours and hours of time.

My search for paint-by-numbers sets is still on!  If anyone has a tip on where I could get my hands on a paint-by-numbers version of “Dogs Playing Poker”, I’d make you something special.  🙂

So, there you are.  One ridiculous week.  The finger is sore.  The finger is glad it is Friday.  The finger will now enjoy a couple days to come to terms with it’s situation.  Never a dull moment, hm?


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