Belated Valentine’s Recap

So, I have been (yet again) consumed by the beast that I call my job.  Work has been crazy the past 2 weeks, so apologies for the blog silence, people.  I think most of you can relate.  Blerg!  So, this post was meant to be written as a little Love Day wrap up, if you will.  It seems a little less poignant 10 days after the fact, but so be it!

Love Day was a pretty laid back, yet cloyingly adorable, event here at Casa del Kam.  I slept in a little that morning and came downstairs for coffee to find instead a darling gift from my wonderful SteveKam.  (Scratch that – it was not instead of coffee.  It was in addition to coffee.  SteveKam is no fool.  You do not deprive this lady of caffeine first thing in the morning.  No matter what other manner of finery you may be gifting upon her.)

Last year, I told SteveKam that he need not buy me a present for Love Day. “Why not make me something instead?  I’ll be making your gift!  We’ll  be even steven, Steven!” He declined.  I received a gift certificate for a massage (which I did appreciate, mind you!).  But, whenever I encourage him to make me something, he always says he can’t think of what to make me, can’t hide it from me successfully, etc – the usual laundry list.

Well, maybe he just needed some inspiration.  Because this is what I discovered on the kitchen counter that morning (next to my beloved jug of brashly brewed coffee):

He made me flowers.  He MADE me flowers!  He was working at home and “happened to” leave Martha Stewart on TV after the Today show.  (Happened to?  Hmm.  I think I have a closet Martha-phile living with me.  But, anyway…)  That day, Martha demonstrated how to make these loverly paper flowers out of card stock, wire and beads.  Well, later that day while out and about (sans moi), inspiration struck and he picked up all the supplies and spent the night crafting away while I was out with my girls being crafty myself.

My favorite part?  The fact that he is so gosh derned proud of himself.  He has regaled me with many tales over the past week about his adventure in paper flower makery.  “This is where I was when I thought of the idea.”  “You see, I made you paper flowers because I know you love flowers, but the cats would have eaten real flowers and you would have gotten really pissed.  These flowers will last forever!”  “Martha said to use pearl beads, but I picked these beads out myself – I like them much better.”  “I was supposed to fill the vase with something else, but I saw the Hershey’s kisses and thought it would look much nicer.  LOOK!  They even have tiny Valentine’s Day messages on their tags!  I knew you’d like that.”  He has gone on and on…

Is there anything more adorable than this man?  I dare you to come up with something.  I dare you!  Actually, don’t bother – even if your story is adorable, I would just bash it into tiny pieces to make my point that SteveKam’s cuteness is superior to all.

So, here’s to love!  And all the bragging rights that come when you have found it.  🙂


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