Cookie Night: Double Chocolate Cookies

So, our furnace died last weekend.  I pretty much chronicled the haps on Facebook instead of the blog… mostly because I was try-try-trying to keep a positive outlook on the situation.

‘Course, it’s hard to be positive when you drop a load of cash on a Saturday night for some guy to NOT fix your furnace.  When you go for 3 days in February with no heat.  When you end up dropping another load of cash for your furnace to be fixed a day later than what they originally promised you.  (It is however easy to be positive about the fact that it was in the 30s to 40s over the past few days instead of the teens and 20s like the past few weeks!)

But in the end… meh.  We set up a space heater.  We cuddled.  Could have been a lot worse.

Of course, no matter how positive you try to  be, it’s still a stressful situation and one that can cause one to get a little… crusty.  My darling SteveKam was one such one.  He tried to hide it, but when one is feeling crusty and grumpified… it shows.  It just does.

This week’s cookie night had one goal.  De-crustify SteveKam.  I knew only a heavy dose of chocolate could cheer his ass up.

Enter… Martha Stewart’s Double Chocolate Cookies.  (Recipe is over here.)


Bullet Added about a half cup of toasted walnuts

Bullet Used some Ghiradelli semi-sweet chips instead of a block of milk chocolate.

Ever find one of those recipes that’s perfect the very first time?  And I mean perrrrrrfect.  Nothing you can critique.  Nothing you can poo-poo.  No overly dark edges, no burns on the bottom, no goo on the inside requiring a couple more minutes in the cooker?  It doesn’t happen to me too often.  (I am one hell of a critic, people.)

These cookies are amazing.  The trick, I think, is to watch your oven temp like a hawk and take them out of the oven juuuuust before you think you should.  Do NOT, by any means, let them overbake.  I baked at 325 (I have a thermometer in the oven just to be sure!) for 14 minutes.

Another tip:  I found the dough to be incredibly sticky.  I was able to get the first batch scooped on to the Silpat mat right after mixing, but stuck the dough in the fridge for just about 3 minutes before scooping for batch #2.  I did this again right before scooping for batch #3.  I’d suggest you not let the dough get too hard… chill just enough to make the scooping a smidgen easier.

The result is a cookie that is crackly and crisp on the outside and tender, slightly chewy on the inside.  I must say, ego aside, the toasted walnuts really sealed the deal for me.  It gave the cookie a real “brownie” feel without being bulky like some of the other fudgy brownie cookies I’ve made in the past.

Now, I know you are all just clammering to know…. Did it de-crustify my fella?  You bet your sweet bippy.

And he’s not the only one.  Our furnace finally got fixed Tuesday morning (yay!  yay for heat!)… the furnace guy came upstairs to explain everything to SteveKam and happened to spot the pile of cookies.  SteveKam offered him one.  Furnace guy proclaims they are the best cookies he has ever had!  And tells SteveKam that if I ever break up with him, he should tell me to give him a call.

I said the furnace guy could have the whole pile and I’d even keep his number on file if he knocked some money off our bill.  SteveKam refused to share my proposal.  Or more to the point, he refused to share any more of the cookies.


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