Scissor Squad Holiday Swap and a Belated List of Goals for 09

So, last week after our jaunt into NYC to see Martha, the squad gathered at Michelle’s house to exchange the gifts we each made for our holiday swap.

I must say, of all the fabulous swaps we organize (let it be known – we hold 4 every year… Holiday Swap, Craft Supply Swap, Secret Pal Swap and Ye Olde Yarn Swappe), I think this one stole my heart the very first time we held it.  The gals are charged with making a batch of a small something to gift their fellow swappers with.  We encourage thriftiness and there is no pressure for anything too grand.  Every scissorina is instructed to make whatever suits their materials and schedule.  (After all, some of our crew has little ones at home to tend to in addition to full time jobs!)  Well, every year, the ladies stun me.  Their creativity and talent… just really off the charts.  My bitches got mad skillz, yo!  Believe that!

Anyhoo – this year didn’t disappoint.  Here we see this year’s haul (and I mean HAUL!  Look at these amazing works of art!)

Mother effing shitcakes, do I haaaate iWeb sometimes.  It’s cutting off some of my fabulous notes on this pic and I can’t make it stop.  SIGH.  So, those are Lauren’s Neon Hoops, Laura’s Lemon Rosemary Finishing Salt, Allie’s Scissors Travel Case and Michelle’s Glass Bead Necklace.

In fact… you are missing a few items here….  The missing gifts are those which were edible or to be used on your skin, face, in the tub, etc….  I can’t help myself.  Mary has the full run down on her blog – you can see the Chocolate Bark Laura made….the granola and face mask Jennie whipped up…. it’s all gone baby, gone.

Oh, what’s that?  What did I make?  Well, I took an idea from Last Minute Quilted and Patchwork Gifts and make little needle books.  Their covers were made of wool felt and the pages were cotton flannel.  I hemmed and hawed a bit about what to do with the cover – I finally decided to delve into my growing button stash and make each book unique with its own set of a mixture of new and vintage buttons.  I spent a few hours just arranging and re-arranging the outlay for each tiny cover.  I then wrapped each book in a teensy recycled brown paper bag and zig-zag stitched the tops to close ’em up.  It was immensely gratifying (as always!) to watch everyone tear into their prezzies!  If you’d like to see one of my books, take a look at MH’s post over here – she has a pic of the one she received.  (Which, by the by, included a couple vintage buttons from our Great Aunt’s stash – she had gifted me a few during our last visit.  I don’t know if MH even noticed, but it made me feel good to put a little family heirloom on top of her gift!)

On another note, one of our lovely ladies, Lys, started a thread on our Yahoo! Group about crafting goals for 2009.  Though it’s a little late to share with blogland, I figured better late than not at all.

Here are my artsy/craftsy/innernetsy goals for the year:

–        Reconnect with the internet community!  Spend more time on Ravelry, Craftster and catching up on reading blogs, for heaven’s sake.

– Post to my own blog consistently.  Even if “consistently” means only twice a week or something.  Just want to have a steady stream of posts this year -need to get into the groove!

– Create photo and video tutorials on my blog.  I’ve been saying I would do this for… like… ever.  Now is the time!

– Make scissor squad night a priority above all else (well – above WORK).

– Sew myself at least one new item every month.  Even if it means one less thing for the shop.

– Knit 4 sweaters for myself.  (Hey, I just finished sweater #1, so looks like I’m doing ok here!  Photos and details to come, of course…)

– Finish those damn socks I started for Mary like 2 years ago. Seriously.

– Make a quilt for my bed.

– Throw away SteveKam’s ugly throw pillows and make new ones. (This should be priority number one.  Those pillows are fugly.)

– Make a project from every issue of Martha Stewart Living this year.

– Reinstate “cookie night” at Casa del Kam. (Done and done!  This week’s cookie is all set to be blogged about tomorrow!)

Okay – so all y’all are in charge of forcing me to keep my word and stick to this list.  I’m actually not doing too shabby so far.  Almost 6 weeks into 2009 and I’ve already dug into a few projects and have started getting into some better habits.  Let’s hope this is just the beginning.


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