Martha, Martha, Martha.

So, yesterday was like… the best day ever.

A trip to the city to see Martha Stewart aaaaand a belated holiday swap.  Basically, a fantastic day with my bitches, er – the Scissor Squad.  🙂

I’ll start with our trek into the big city.  First, I had to get up at the asscrack of dawn.  Big downer in my world.  I am NOT a morning person.  But, after chugging a coffee and slapping on some makeup I was on my way.

Mary, Michelle, Anne, Julie, Christine and I all met up at the train station… met Sharon at Grand Central and then met lovely lady Kaitlyn and her friend Maura at the studio.

Standing in line to check in and go through security, I was in awe of how organized this whole operation was.  There was periodic hollering as we were packed into the front room like sardines.  Despite that, most of the staff was nice enough (other than one wicked witch at the very end of our visit… the lungs on that one… whoa.) and we eventually made our way inside.  This is where we realized that we were not going to see a “crafts” episode as previously promised… but an episode on de-stressing – an episode that highlighted dog yoga.  Yes.  Dog. Yoga.  Hmm.

So, we were a teensy bit disappointed by that, but that mostly fell to the wayside upon entering the studio.  Yee!  I’ve never attended a show taping before, I found this all very neat.  (Well, dog yoga aside I found it all very neat.  No offense, dog yoga lady… but that was the wackiest crap I ever did see.)

Want to see the episode?  You can view it right over here!

As expected, we were a rowdy group and hooted and hollered at every opportunity.  Did you know that they pump dance music in the studio before the show and during commercials?  Not exactly the music I had expected to hear in the Martha Stewart studio.  That lady is just full of surprises.

We were pleasantly surprised when the super awesome audience manager invited our group back to an episode during Craft Week in March!  I can’t wait and am already dreaming about which special guest we might catch and what goodies we might receive this time…

Speaking of, we did not come home empty handed… full size bottles of delicious smelling Frederic Fekkai shampoo and conditioner, some fresh ramen noodles, and some reading material.  🙂

After the big event, we made our way over to the well hidden School Products.  I blew my spending money for the month on a pile of orange cashmere. DE-LISS-EE-US.  It will be a Le Slouch cap and a scarf.  It will be these things soon.  Hearts!

Onward!  We walked up Broadway to 6th and had some delicious udon for lunch, browsed a Japanese bead store, passed by M&J Trimmings (resisting the urge to run in and spend 4 hours rifling through their wares) and had a quick stop at the Japanese bookstore.  Oh baby.  Our walk down 6th Ave inspired a plan to spend a full day in the city (sometime soon) shopping for craft supplies.  CanNOT wait.

A fabulous day.  Followed by a wonderful evening… but, more on that tomorrow.  Time for Lost.  And more work on that sweater sleeve… gotta finish this sucka up so I can move on to the orange gold I just purchased.  *swoon*

BTW – Martha’s dogs, Sharky and Francesca, are truly as adorable in person as they are on TV.  Say what you will about Martha – she loves those dogs.  To me, that says something about a person.  🙂


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