Crack That Whip!

Oh, knitting!  I know you feel you have been cast aside, in favor for the sewing machine.  I am guilty of neglecting you these past few months, but no more!

Enter a shiny new sweater…

My grass green Licorice Whip in Blue Sky Cotton – yumm-ay!  Deets can be found here (that thar be a Rav link).

And do you spy that KICKASS bag in the backgound?  Do ya?  Yeah.  Eckmas gift from one of my sisters.  I loooooove it.  For reals.  Best part is that the reason she got this for me is because she and another sister both bought me the same awesome t-shirt and somebody had to change up their plans. Even funnier was opening up the shirt and hearing SteveKam say, “Hey!  I almost got you that, too!”  And although opening up 3 of those shirts would have been hissss-terical, I love this bag so much that I’m pretty glad that didn’t happen.

p.s. Interested?  You can find this fab sack maker on etsy over here.


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