Old pics, Newport.

So, my awesome parents granted a wish of mine and gifted me with a primo scanner for Ecksmas.  🙂

I’m finding my way around it – as well as my way around Photoshop Elements, another awesome gift! – and scanned a few gems to start.

The first pic above is of me, MH and Heather somewhere around 1985 (??) or so, I would say.  It was snapped in Newport, RI in the living room (also serving as bedroom and dining room) of the beachside cabin we used to stay in every summer when we were growing up.

I am REALLY hoping to come across more of these photos – I have a gazillion super happy memories from those summers.  Hangin out on the beach, the occasional jaunt along Cliffwalk, more hangin on the beach, searching tide pools, collecting mussels (that was Mary’s specialty), and more hangin on the beach.  I especially remember the feeling of rinsing off my feet in the plastic tub of water right outside the door before returning inside…  seriously good times.

Scanning is fun!  Be prepared for an onslaught of old photographs, people…


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