Another Test – Zorg’s Nifty Pouch & Cozy

Well, being stuck in my apartment with no car for a week has at least resulted in some decent crafting!

Here we have a crafty solution to a nagging problem I’ve had since getting my shiny little loudmouth, Zorg the iPod.

I use Zorg mostly in the car, on my long walks on my lunchbreak, while washing the dishes, and cleaning the house…. I bought a case with a strap, but it just doesn’t do it! The strap is too long, so Zorg is always being jostled about. 😦 And it doesn’t cover his head properly, so I get worried when I get caught in the rain during a walk! Boo, Hiss, I say! So here is my solution.

Why, it’s a smart little pouch! (I loooove these buttons! I was saving them for something good.)

What’s that you say? Well, it is a clever little pocket to hold my earbuds when they’re not in use!

Oh! Here we have a little buttonhole-turned-earbud wire hole!

A little extra storage is always nice….

“But, Sarah”, I hear you say, “Poor little shiny loudmouth Zorg won’t be very safe in just a couple layers of calico!” Fear not faithful readers, Snippy brought out the big guns.

I used a couple layers of quilt batting, some flannel and my still improving hand quilting skills to make Zorg this clever little cozy. If the baby gets dropped, his noggin should still be in one piece.


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